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Why is 330ml the standard?

Why is 330ml the standard?

A volume of 12oz is 355ml, and this is still the standard in the US: in Europe it was converted to the round figure of about one-third of a litre, or 330ml. Demand in Europe for bigger volumes in beer cans lead to the third larger size of 440ml and later the 500ml.

Why does beer come in 330ml bottles?

The 330ml serving seems to have originally come from the American use of fluid ounces, whereas the 500ml serving has come from the more European use of a half litre. Pubs in the UK are used to serving beer in pints, or half pints, but hardly any bottled beer is sold this way. So, we decided to look at bigger bottles.

Why are some bottles 660mL?

Why is bottled beer sold in 330mL or 660mL bottles? - Quora. 330 and 660 are 1/3 and 2/3 litre, rounded down to the centilitre. In australia, beer was sold in sixths of a gallon, but these were rounded down to 13 and 26 oz, rather than 13 1/3 and 26 2/3 oz.