Beer Info FAQ

Why does my ankle monitor keep vibrating?

Why does my ankle monitor keep vibrating?

If your ankle monitor vibrates, then it's probably because: You have moved outside your granted perimeter. If the ankle monitor battery is low, it's likely vibrating to notify you that it's time to charge. The ankle monitor could also vibrate if it's having issues.

What can set off scram bracelet?

There are many household products that contain alcohol that will be detected by the SCRAM which include lotions, perfumes, hair products and cleaning products such as Lysol. Generally, when any of these products are introduced to the SCRAM from outside the body the fuel cell will report the alcohol it detects.

Do scram bracelets make noise?

Does the bracelet make noise? Every 30 minutes when the SCRAM CAM bracelet takes a reading, a light buzzing sound can be heard. However, this sound is generally reported to be “discreet.”