Beer Info FAQ

Why does beer contain gas?

Why does beer contain gas?

The yeast will transform the sugar into two elements: alcohol and CO2. During this process, the CO2 is release via an airlock valve leaving only alcohol in the beer. The yeast activity is one way to add gas inside the beer. Before bottling the beer, the brewer adds a sugar-based solution inside the beer.

Why is beer so carbonated?

Natural carbonation occurs when the yeast converts sugars into CO2. In the fermentation vessel, the CO2 has nowhere to escape, so it goes into the beer and transforms into carbonic acid (liquid form of CO2). All of Pure Project's mixed fermentation beers are naturally carbonated in either bottles or kegs.

Is beer supposed to be carbonated?

Beer is naturally carbonated. As a home brewer, I add a little more sugar when bottling and the yeast continue their task in a closed environment which forces the carbon dioxide into solution to be released when opened.