Beer Info FAQ

Why do guys like drinking so much?

Why do guys like drinking so much?

Biological Reasons for Why Men Drink So Much Put simply, men's bodies are more tolerant of higher amounts of alcohol. Men tend to have lower body fat ratios than women. Since alcohol is stored in body fat, men need to drink more in order to feel the substance's effects.

Is beer considered a manly drink?

At the core of these studies is the understanding that drinking is a primarily masculine act which perpetuates a series of behaviors defined as masculine. Beer in particular is associated as an inherently more masculine drink than other forms of alcohol (Elliot, 1991, as cited in Jones, 2011; Strate, 1991).

Is beer good for your guy?

A study recently found that moderate beer consumption can increase HDL, or healthy cholesterol. The American Heart Association recommends you don't get carried away, though, and recommends no more than one to two drinks a day for men. Beer can prevent kidney stones.