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Who makes Reed's ginger beer?

Who makes Reed's ginger beer?

Hensley Beverage Company

Where is Reed's ginger ale from?

​ REAL Ginger Reed's is packed with real, fresh ginger, known around the world for its health benefits and stimulating properties. We source our ginger sustainably from the Peruvian Amazon—a bold strain found nowhere else.

Who owns Reed's ginger?

Chris Reed

What country made ginger beer?


Who makes ginger beer in Canada?

Jones Soda Co.

Where is Fever Tree ginger beer made?

Key Ingredients From Cochin in India, we source a variety that lends a warm and spicy flavour. From the Ivory Coast, we get a fresh green ginger that has an incredible lemongrass freshness. Finally, our Nigerian ginger brings a deep, intense flavour to the blend.