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Which soda has the least calories?

Which soda has the least calories?

Here is a list of some popular sodas and energy drinks, their serving sizes, and the number of calories in each .Calorie count - sodas and energy drinks.BEVERAGESERVING SIZECALORIESCoca-Cola Zero12 oz0Diet Coca-Cola12 oz0Diet Dr. Pepper12 oz0Diet Pepsi12 oz0•May 26, 2020

How many fat calories are in Sprite?

146 calories, 146 grams of fat, 146 grams of protein, 146 grams of carbs .Your. Sprite.Total Fat0% / 0 gramsSaturated Fat0% / 0 gramsTrans Fat0% / 0 gramsCholesterol0% / 0 milligramsSodium0% / 33 milligrams

How many calories are in 16 fl oz of Sprite?

190 calories

How many calories are in sprite UK?

Sprite reduces sugar but ditches stevia, citing best taste for lower sugar UK recipePer 100mlPer 330ml canSprite UK3.3g sugar, 14kcal11g sugar / 46 kcalSprite Australia9g sugar, 36cal30g sugar / 119 caloriesSprite France6.6g sugar, 28kcal21.8g sugar / 92 kcalSprite US**Mar 8, 2018