Beer Info FAQ

Where is surly beer distributed?

Where is surly beer distributed?

Surly's existing partner Johnson Brothers will distribute the beer in both North Dakota and Nebraska, and parts of South Dakota. Global Distributing will also distribute Surly beer in South Dakota.

Can you buy Surly beer online?

Shop Surly Brewing Beers - Buy Online | Drizly.

Is Surly still making beer?

We're still making and selling packaged beer to liquor stores across our distribution footprint, and we're able to maintain a staff of 80 employees. With the help of our incredible distribution partners and loyal customers, canned beer sales are keeping Surly afloat during this crisis.

What is the best Surly beer?

Pentagram. The only of Surly's regular offerings that can keep pace with Darkness in terms of complexity and brilliance, Pentagram is a wicked and delightful dark sour that's available year-round. At 6.66% ABV and decorated with pagan glyphs, it's by far the best incarnation of Surly's black metal aesthetic.