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Where is IPA made?

Where is IPA made?

India pale ale (IPA) is a hoppy beer style within the broader category of pale ale .India pale aleHardcore IPA from BrewDogCountry of originUnited KingdomAlcohol by volume4.5–20%Color (SRM)6–14

Where was IPA first brewed?

The British had two tools to work with: alcohol and hops. Both of these work as preservatives. According to legend, it was George Hodgson of East London's Bow Brewery who eventually created the first IPA. It was bitter and highly alcoholic, but it could make the long ocean trip.

Why is IPA Indian?

Most beer fans — hop-heads especially — know the basic lore behind the term IPA. The India Pale Ale was created so that the British could keep drinking beer while colonizing the world. When India was a British colony, it was tough to brew beer there because of the hot weather.

Is IPA beer British?

Being American, they didn't do things by halves. These new ales were packed with alcohol and hops. From America, IPA returned home across the Atlantic. It's been a funny old journey: a beer that was invented in Britain for the Indian market, was revived by Americans and then copied by brewers in Britain.