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Where can I buy the Miller Lite beer ornaments?

Where can I buy the Miller Lite beer ornaments?

Once enjoyed, Miller Lite's Beernaments can be hung on Christmas trees by simply using the can's tab (and an ornament hook). For sale now at, the limited edition offering costs $19.75. Here's the only downside: beer cans are sold separately.

How do you get a Miller Lite ornament?

“Simply assemble the Beernament and a group of friends to instantly transform Christmas time into Miller Time. Crack, drink, and hang while you hang,” Miller Lite's website states. The drinkable ornaments went on sale at noon Tuesday online at, but the website quickly sold out of its daily allotment.

How much are the Miller Lite ornaments?

The six-pack ornaments are designed to fit 8-ounce cans of Miller Lite and come at a retail price of $19.75. The decorative holiday ornaments will add some sparkle to your Christmas trees as you enjoy drinking out from them with family and friends.

How do you get Miller Lite Beernaments?

After the beer is finished, a hook can be attached through the tab to hang the beernament on a Christmas tree. A six pack of beernaments costs $19.75 at

How much do Beernaments cost?

The palm-sized balls are designed to fit snuggly around 8 ounce cans of your favorite pilsner. Once you're done with your beer, you can simply hang the ornament on the tree using the tab as a hook. The limited edition Beernaments cost $19.75 and are on sale, online.