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What's Half a Bitter and Half a Lager Called?


In the world of beer, there are countless styles that cater to different tastes and preferences. One unique beer style that has gained popularity in recent years is the combination of a bitter and a lager, resulting in a beer known as a "Bitter Lager" or "India Pale Lager." This hybrid style brings together the best of both worlds, offering a harmonious blend of hop bitterness and crisp lager characteristics. In this article, we will explore the brewing process, flavor profile, and popular examples of this intriguing beer style.

Brewing Process and Characteristics

The brewing process of a Bitter Lager involves combining the techniques used in brewing both bitters and lagers. It starts with a base of pale malt, which provides a clean and crisp foundation for the beer. The use of specialty malts, such as caramel or roasted malts, is often minimal to maintain the beer's light and refreshing qualities.

When it comes to hops, Bitter Lagers showcase a prominent hop presence, similar to traditional bitters. The hops used can vary, but they typically lean towards the floral, citrusy, or piney side to contribute to the beer's bitterness and aroma. The hop bitterness is balanced by the clean fermentation characteristics of a lager yeast, resulting in a well-rounded and refreshing beer.

Flavor Profile

The flavor profile of a Bitter Lager is a delightful combination of hop bitterness and lager smoothness. The initial taste reveals a crisp and clean malt backbone, allowing the hop bitterness to shine through. The hop flavors can range from subtle to assertive, depending on the brewer's preference and the specific hop varieties used.

In terms of aroma, Bitter Lagers often exhibit floral, citrus, or herbal notes, which add complexity to the beer's overall character. The finish is typically dry and refreshing, making it a perfect choice for those who enjoy a balanced and flavorful beer without overwhelming bitterness.

Popular Examples

Several breweries have embraced the Bitter Lager style and created their own unique interpretations. Here are a few popular examples that showcase the diversity within this beer style:

  1. Lagunitas DayTime IPA: This Bitter Lager from Lagunitas Brewing Company combines the hop-forward characteristics of an IPA with the drinkability of a lager. It boasts a lower alcohol content, making it a great choice for those seeking a flavorful yet sessionable beer.

  2. Firestone Walker Pivo Pils: Pivo Pils is a classic example of a Bitter Lager, brewed by Firestone Walker Brewing Company. It features a crisp and clean malt profile, balanced by a generous amount of hops, resulting in a refreshing and well-rounded beer.

  3. Jack's Abby Hoponius Union: Hoponius Union, brewed by Jack's Abby Craft Lagers, is a hybrid beer that blurs the lines between an India Pale Ale and a traditional lager. It showcases a bold hop character while maintaining the smoothness and drinkability of a lager.


The Bitter Lager, also known as the India Pale Lager, is a fascinating beer style that combines the bitterness of a bitter with the crispness of a lager. Its unique brewing process and flavor profile make it a favorite among beer enthusiasts who appreciate a well-balanced and refreshing brew. Whether you're a fan of bitters or lagers, the Bitter Lager offers a delightful compromise that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does a Bitter Lager differ from a traditional bitter or lager? A: A Bitter Lager combines the hop bitterness of a traditional bitter with the clean and crisp characteristics of a lager. It offers a harmonious blend of flavors and is often more refreshing than a traditional bitter.

Q: Can I brew a Bitter Lager at home? A: Absolutely! With the right ingredients and brewing techniques, you can brew your own Bitter Lager at home. Experiment with different hop varieties and malt profiles to create your unique interpretation of this beer style.

Q: Are Bitter Lagers widely available in the market? A: While Bitter Lagers may not be as common as traditional bitters or lagers, they have gained popularity in recent years. Many craft breweries now offer their own versions of this unique beer style, and you may find them at specialty beer stores or on tap at select bars and restaurants.

Q: What food pairs well with a Bitter Lager? A: The hop bitterness and crispness of a Bitter Lager make it a versatile beer when it comes to food pairing. It pairs well with a range of dishes, including grilled meats, spicy foods, and flavorful cheeses. Experiment with different combinations to find your perfect match.

Q: Can I age a Bitter Lager like other beer styles? A: While some beer styles benefit from aging, Bitter Lagers are best enjoyed fresh to fully appreciate their hop flavors and crispness. It is recommended to consume them within a few months of their production date for optimal taste and quality.

Remember to always drink responsibly and savor the unique flavors of the Bitter Lager style. Cheers!