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What type of beer is Coopers Draught?

What type of beer is Coopers Draught?

Our selection of naturally conditioned, bottle-fermented ales and stout are the very reason we've been around as long as we have. Our unique processes, coveted yeasts and love of the craft have proven time and time again why Coopers Ales are respected all over the world. It's not all big Ales and heavy Stouts.

Is Draught the same as lager?

Lager and draught are words that are associated with beer, the most popular and highly consumed alcoholic beverage around the world. While lager is a type of beer, the other being ale, draught beer is not a type of beer as many people think.

Is Coopers Sparkling Ale a lager?

Light body and medium carbonation. It fits the definition of an "Australian Sparkling Lager" to a T.