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What soft drinks does Burger King serve?

What soft drinks does Burger King serve?

Value Drinks Coca-ColaCoca-Cola. 213 Cal.Diet Coke. 1 Cal.Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. 0 Cal.Sprite. 196 Cal.Sprite Zero. 3 Cal.Dr. Pepper® 190 Cal.

What soda is sold at Burger King?

Burger King said Coca-Cola products such as Coca-Cola Classic, Diet Coke, Sprite and Minute Maid orange soda will replace Pepsi-Cola's soft drink lineup in its restaurants over the next several months.

What drinks does Burger King serve?

BeveragesCold Soft Drink.Mineral Water.Americano.Latte.Mocha.Cappuccino.Hot Tea.Milo®

Does Burger King have Pepsi or Coke products?

Burger King on Tuesday took the Pepsi challenge and chose Coke. The nation's second-largest fast-food chain dropped Pepsi-Cola as its soft drink supplier in the United States after six years and gave the business to rival Coca-Cola, which also supplies McDonald's.