Beer Info FAQ

What size is a beer flight?

What size is a beer flight?

A flight typically consists of several 3 to 5-ounce pours from a draft beer dispensing system that will approximately add up to a full 16-ounce pint of beer. These tastings will often cost at most the cost of a full pint of beer.

Why do they call it a flight of beer?

Flight as a noun is a group of creatures or objects flying together, in particular. The small grouping of beer samples fits this definition perfectly. Flights are usually drunk lightest to darkest where you work your way “up” in hues of color as you would work your way up a flight of stairs.

How many glasses of beer are in a flight?

A flight is typically comprised of three to five ounce glasses from the draft beers dispenser which will make up a complete sixteen-ounce beer pint. The cost of these tastings is usually around the price of one full pint.

Is a flight more than a pint?

Each beer in the flight is normally 4 to 5 ounces which means a flight can be anywhere from 16 to 25 total ounces. A flight gives you the chance to try a handful of their beers before committing to an entire glass. At most taprooms, the flight is a set price and you pick which beers to include.