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What lights do you put in a bottle?

What lights do you put in a bottle?

*A short string of LED lights, about 55 lights and 10 feet of cord, will perfectly fill a standard glass wine bottle. LED lights stay cool to the touch, preventing the hazard of hot glass. Using a battery operated light string allows you to place the bottle light anywhere, regardless of nearby outlet access.

How long do LED bottle lights Last?

They are all good and bright for at least 6 hours, which is fine for an average evening's light, but some seem to keep going for longer; as long as 8 hours at full strength.So far, I've used them as a nightlight in a child's bedroom (no naked flames), as mood lights instead of candles, and as table decorations.

How long do cork bottle lights Last?

Each of the cork lights is also powered with 3 LR44 batteries .ProsConsBattery lasts up to five days Comes in 10 packs with 12 LEDs each Available in several colors Made of silver wireSome lights may not workApr 15, 2021