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What is the functional group of hydroxyl?

What is the functional group of hydroxyl?

The hydroxyl group is a functional group consisting of a hydrogen atom covalently bonded to an oxygen atom. The hydroxyl group is denoted by -OH in chemical structures and has a valence charge of -1. The hydroxyl radical is very reactive, so it quickly reacts with other chemical species.

What is hydroxyl group example?

What is the example of the hydroxyl group? A hydroxyl group is composed of one atom of hydrogen and one of oxygen. Alcohol is an example of a molecule that contains a hydroxyl group. Ethanol, methanol, isopropanol are some other examples of alcohol.

What are the functional properties of hydroxyl?

The hydroxyl group is the simplest of these common organic functional groups. It consists of a hydrogen atom attached to an oxygen atom with two distinct properties- its acidity (which can be measured by its pK value) and nucleophilicity, or how reactive it is with other molecules.

What is the hydroxyl group called?