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What is the easiest beer to home brew?

What is the easiest beer to home brew?

What Is the Easiest Type of Beer to Brew? Ale is considered the easiest beer to brew among most homebrewers. When brewing ales it is very easy to make up for any mistakes that may have occurred. Ales are very easy to salvage, which is one of the main reasons why they are considered the easiest type of beer to make.

Are lagers easy to brew?

For many, lagers are a daunting category of beers to attempt to make on the homebrewing level. Recipes tend to call for decoction mashes and long periods of near-freezing fermentation temperatures, which can be difficult without the ideal equipment.

How fast can you brew a lager?

Lager yeasts take around 3 weeks to fully ferment the sugars into alcohol. During this process, they also create a compound called Diacetyl which has a pronounced butterscotch candy flavor.