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What is tank sparging?

What is tank sparging?

Sparging refers to the process of injecting a gas through a diffuser into a liquid phase. It is used in both physical and chemical process applications.

What does a sparge tube do?

Spargers are tubular equipment, also known as bubblers, carbonators, aerators, or diffusers. A very common example of sparging is air being bubbled into the tank in an aquarium. This is done to maintain the level of the dissolved oxygen in the water.

What is meant by sparging?

1 : sprinkle, bespatter especially : spray. 2 : to agitate (a liquid) by means of compressed air or gas entering through a pipe.

How do you make a steam sparger?

All Answers (4)DESIGN FOR STATIC SPARGER. Calculate steam pressure at sparger.Psteam= (Head Pressure + Pressure across Element) Calculate the mass of steam (w) by combining the heat lost and heat gained equation.Where. Specific Vol X mass of the steam = volumetric Flow. Area =Volumetric Flow/Steam Velocity.