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What is Shiner Oktoberfest?

What is Shiner Oktoberfest?

Shiner Oktoberfest is made using the highest-quality Two-Row Barley, Munich, and Caramel malts, along with German grown Hallertau Tradition and Hersbrucker hops. It has a rich malty aroma, with a caramel sweetness that fades to a dry, hoppy finish.

What kind of beer is Shiner Oktoberfest?

Well, Shiner Oktoberfest is a lager, not an ale. I believe it may have something to do with Texas's strict alcohol laws, which state that any alcoholic beverage with more than 4.0% ABV is considered an ale or malt liquor, while anything below 5.0% ABV is considered beer (no notes about lager).

Is Shiner Oktoberfest beer good?

It has a good aroma and a nice "hearty" taste to it. This beer has a nice taste, not very sweet. The appearance is a nice copper color resonant with Oktoberfest beers. Good head and lacing - nice floral aroma - good color - Biscuit taste - smooth and malty.