Beer Info FAQ

What is considered a bitter beer?

What is considered a bitter beer?

Bitter belongs to the pale ale beer style and can have a great variety of strength, flavour and appearance, from dark amber to a golden summer ale. It can be under 3% abv and as high as 7% with premium or strong bitters. The colour may be controlled by the addition of caramel colouring.

What is the difference between ale and bitter?

Bitter is a pale ale and the more pronounced taste of hops distinguishes it from more mild ales—hence the name. Bitter as a kind of ale is not to be confused with bitters, the aromatic distilled liquor used in mixed drinks.

What is the difference between a bitter and a lager?

Bitter is bitter compared to mild. Lagers range on both sides of bitter in bitterness, as well as color. The distinguishing features are more fruity character from yeast, lower carbonation, and often more hop aroma than lagers. Drinking at temperature near that of fermentation means bitter is served warmer than lagers.

What is the difference between mild and bitter beer?

—the main emphasis is lower hops content. A Pale Mild will have a bit of hoppy bitterness but the flavor will emphasize malt, with some fruitiness and even butteriness possible.