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What is a crushable pilsner?

What is a crushable pilsner?

473 ml can ABV: 5% IBUS: 35. Called Crushable for a reason - this traditional German Pilsner is made for a hot summer day. Unfiltered because it has nothing to hide. Using only German malt & hops make for a malt-forward open and a dry finish.

What does it mean when wine is crushable?

Definitions of crush vary from winemaker to winemaker. Some loosely refer to crush as the entire harvest from picking the grapes in August through November to the time when the wine is in the bottle. The grapes start to change colors during middle to late summer, usually in July and August.

What does Sessionable mean in beer?

It means the beer in question contains low enough amounts of alcohol that several, or even many, can be consumed in one drinking “session.” The term “sessionable” is commonly used to suggest something is easily drinkable, light, refreshing, or any combination of the three. Beer writer and judge Melissa Cole agrees.