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What is a blanc beer?

What is a blanc beer?

Brewed with a light French touch, 1664 Blanc is a premium french wheat beer with a delicate taste of citrus fruits and coriander spice.

Is Blanc a good beer?

There is a bit of wheat taste in the finish as well. Feel - crisp and refreshing. Easily drinkable, and very easy on the stomach. Overall, a good beer.

Where is Blanc beer from?

1664 Blanc is a modern, fruity and refreshing French premium wheat beer with a unique taste resulting from the hint of citrus and tropical notes.

What does Blanc beer taste like?

1664 Blanc tastes refreshing with mild sweetness, balancing spices, wheat notes and fruitiness from exotic fruits with a touch of lemon. Though it has a fruity character, it blends with a slight acidity, finishing in a mild bitter taste from the hops and added coriander.