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What does the crown on a pint glass mean?

What does the crown on a pint glass mean?

F or more than 300 years, the stamp of the crown on top of a pub glass has stood as a guarantee that it is big enough to deliver a full pint. Ever since 1699, successive governments have found it necessary to measure and certify the pint and half-pint glasses made and used in this country.

What is the crown stamp on beer glasses?

The crown and number are official stamps and all licensed premises must use glasses bearing this stampm in order to adhere to weights and measures legislation. In a similar way, optics for spirits must have the measurment printed on them (25ml/35ml/50ml).

Why was the crown removed from pint glasses?

The Crown has been in use since 1699 as a guarantee of the size of pints and half pints. But now it is set to disappear, replaced by a European Union-wide "CE" mark instead. Campaigners say the change is another example of "excessive interference" by bureaucrats in Brussels.

Did the EU ban the crown on pint glasses?

As part of this effort to take back control, the Prime Minister pledged to “proudly” restore the Crown stamp on pint glasses. But the EU has denied having ever removed the right to feature the mark in the first place.