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What Does 'Stout-Hearted' Mean in the Bible?

In the Bible, the term 'stout-hearted' is used to describe a specific quality or characteristic of an individual's heart and spirit. It refers to someone who possesses strength, courage, and resilience in the face of challenges and adversity. This term is often associated with individuals who demonstrate unwavering faith, determination, and steadfastness in their beliefs and actions.

Understanding the Meaning and Significance

The term 'stout-hearted' can be found in various passages of the Bible, particularly in the Old Testament. It is often used to describe individuals who exhibit exceptional bravery and fearlessness, especially in times of conflict or when facing formidable opponents. This term emphasizes the importance of having a strong and unwavering heart, rooted in faith and trust in God.

The concept of being 'stout-hearted' goes beyond mere physical strength or bravery. It encompasses a deep inner strength that enables individuals to persevere and remain steadfast in their convictions, even in the face of adversity. It is a quality that is highly regarded and valued in the biblical context, as it reflects a strong and unyielding commitment to one's faith and principles.

Comparisons with Other Biblical Concepts

While the term 'stout-hearted' is unique in its emphasis on courage and resilience, it shares similarities with other biblical concepts related to character and faith. For example, the term 'steadfast' is often used to describe individuals who remain firm and unwavering in their commitment to God and His teachings. Similarly, the concept of 'courage' is frequently mentioned in the Bible, highlighting the importance of facing challenges with bravery and trust in God's guidance.

However, what sets 'stout-hearted' apart is its specific focus on the strength of one's heart and spirit. It highlights the inner fortitude and determination required to navigate difficult circumstances and remain faithful to one's beliefs. This term serves as a reminder of the importance of cultivating a resilient and unwavering character, grounded in a deep trust in God's providence.


The term 'stout-hearted' in the Bible carries significant meaning and serves as a reminder of the importance of possessing a strong and unwavering character. It emphasizes the need for individuals to cultivate courage, resilience, and unwavering faith in the face of challenges and adversity. Being 'stout-hearted' involves having a heart that is firmly rooted in God's truth and a spirit that remains steadfast in the pursuit of righteousness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does being 'stout-hearted' relate to faith? A: Being 'stout-hearted' is closely tied to faith as it reflects a deep trust in God's guidance and a commitment to living according to His teachings.

Q: Can anyone develop a 'stout-hearted' character? A: Yes, developing a 'stout-hearted' character is possible for anyone who seeks to cultivate courage, resilience, and unwavering faith in their life.

Q: Are there any biblical examples of individuals described as 'stout-hearted'? A: Yes, several biblical figures, such as David and Joshua, are often described as 'stout-hearted' due to their unwavering faith and courage in the face of challenges.

Q: How can one cultivate a 'stout-hearted' character? A: Cultivating a 'stout-hearted' character involves nurturing a deep relationship with God, studying His Word, and seeking His guidance in all aspects of life.

Q: Does being 'stout-hearted' mean being fearless? A: While being 'stout-hearted' involves courage, it does not necessarily mean being completely without fear. It means facing fear with faith and trust in God's strength.

Q: Can being 'stout-hearted' help in overcoming personal challenges? A: Yes, having a 'stout-hearted' character can provide the inner strength and resilience needed to overcome personal challenges and grow in faith.

Q: Is being 'stout-hearted' relevant in modern times? A: Absolutely, the concept of being 'stout-hearted' remains relevant in modern times as it encourages individuals to develop a strong character and unwavering faith in the midst of life's challenges.

Q: How does being 'stout-hearted' impact one's relationship with others? A: Being 'stout-hearted' can inspire and encourage others, as it demonstrates a steadfast commitment to one's beliefs and a willingness to stand firm in the face of opposition.

Q: Can being 'stout-hearted' lead to personal growth and spiritual maturity? A: Yes, cultivating a 'stout-hearted' character can contribute to personal growth and spiritual maturity, as it involves developing a deeper trust in God and a stronger reliance on His guidance.

Q: Is being 'stout-hearted' a quality that God desires in His followers? A: Yes, the Bible encourages believers to be 'stout-hearted' and to cultivate a strong and unwavering character that reflects their faith in God.