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What does beer fermentation smell like?

What does beer fermentation smell like?

You will notice a smell from homebrew on both brew day and during the first few days of fermentation but it is normally a pleasant aroma that doesn't linger. On brew day, the aroma of the boiling wort will be sweet, spicy, and generally pleasant. During active fermentation it is common to smell a yeasty, fruity aroma.

What should my fermentation smell like?

Normal fermentation odors If your ferment smells, sour, reminiscent of vinegar, fresh, or tangy, all is good. It even might smell yeasty, beer-like, or of alcohol if Kahm yeast has taken residence. Compare odors with some store-bought sauerkraut.

Does fermentation have an odor?

Realize that any fermentation has smells. There are odors of alcohol, fruit, CO2 gas (carbonation) and even sulfur (lit matches). Don't get these normal smells confused with the bad odors discussed above. These are all aromas of a healthy, vigorous fermentation.