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What does a good beer taste like?

What does a good beer taste like?

Originally Answered: How does beer taste? Malty (brown beer, porters, stouts) - sweet and bitter, like treacle and ash/coffee/chocolate. Hoppy (pale ale) - bitter and sharp, and sometimes slightly sour. Can be floral and complex.

How would you describe a good beer?

A clear, translucent, perhaps golden beer can be described as bright. Brightness is also found in beer's flavor and aromatic profiles. Crisp, refreshing, zippy, and well-defined beers are definitely bright.

What should you look for when tasting beer?

What to Look for When Tasting BeerAroma. The aroma is one of the first qualities that beer is judged on. Flavor. While the flavor may be similar to the aroma, it focuses on the beer's finish and aftertaste as well as characteristics such as balance and bitterness.Appearance. Taste. Feel. Overall Enjoyment.Sep 15, 2020