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What do you put in a tea and coffee gift basket?

What do you put in a tea and coffee gift basket?

Here are ten things you should always be sure to include in your coffee gift basket.Coffee. Well, obviously, but it would be quite embarrassing to leave this out. More Coffee. Flavored Syrup. Biscuits. Chocolate. Cocoa. Tea. A Mug.

What goes good in a tea basket?

Great items to include in DIY Teatime Gift Baskets are items such as:Tea infusers.Teapots.Japanese teapot.Japanese teacups.Glass brew-in-cup infuser.Teaspoons.Insulated mug.Tea sampler packets.

What do you put in a coffee gift basket?

Top 11 Things To Put In a Coffee Gift Basket:Coffee mugs: If you're going to drink coffee, you'll need something to drink it in! Coffee Beans: Are you getting this gift basket for someone who needs a strong cup of coffee in the morning? Tea: Biscotti: French Press: Pour Over: Coffee Grinder: Homemade Cold Brew.

What can I put in a tea hamper?

Tea, coffee, scones, clotted cream, jam and biscuits.