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What brand of coffee does Burger King use?

What brand of coffee does Burger King use?

In a flurry of web articles several months ago, Burger King made the news with its decision to replace its popular Burger King coffee Douwe Egberts coffee with Seattle's Best.

Does Burger King have specialty coffee?

Burger King's customers can now enjoy 10 new specialty drinks, including iced coffees in a variety of flavors, roast coffees with a 100 percent Latin American Arabica custom blend, and lattes in multiple flavors.

Is Burger King's coffee good?

Burger King The best word that comes to mind to describe the taste of BK coffee is "sharp." It's extremely bitter and leaves a dry, burnt taste lingering in the back of your mouth long after you've taken a sip. It's the second most expensive cup of coffee on this list, which is ironic, considering it's also the worst.