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What are the symptoms of alcoholic gastritis?

What are the symptoms of alcoholic gastritis?

Alcoholic Gastritis SymptomsA gnawing, burning ache in your stomach. A constant pain between your navel and ribs.Belching and hiccuping.Bloated or full feeling in your stomach that gets worse if you eat.Nausea and vomiting.Loss of appetite.

How long does alcoholic gastritis last?

Acute gastritis Irritants like alcohol, drugs, heavily spiced foods, injury and bacteria exposure can all lead to the condition. While symptoms are often intense, they typically subside with treatment in under two weeks.

Should I go to the hospital for alcohol gastritis?

Anyone with gastritis should see a doctor if symptoms are severe, extend past a week, or are unresponsive to adjusting diet or altering lifestyle. However, any sign of internal bleeding is an immediate emergency and anyone with symptoms of internal bleeding should seek medical attention right away.