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Is there caffeine in Sprecher root beer?

Is there caffeine in Sprecher root beer?

Our Award Winning Fire Brewed Root Beer, made with raw Wisconsin Honey, adds a little kick with caffeine to bring that extra jolt you need. Contains 93mg of Caffeine per 16fl oz Serving.

Which brands of root beer have caffeine?

Most root beer is caffeine-freeA&W Root Beer.Diet A&W Root Beer.Mug Root Beer.Diet Mug Root Beer.Dad's Root Beer.Diet Dad's Root Beer.Barq's Diet Root Beer.Oct 10, 2019

Does Spreckers caffeine?

Product FAQs. Do your sodas contain caffeine or gluten? The only Sprecher sodas that contain caffeine are our new caffeinated line: Dr Sprecher, Caffeinated Root Beer, Energy Root Beer, and Citrus Splash. All of our sodas are gluten-free!