Beer Info FAQ

Is there a dress code for Bounce?

Is there a dress code for Bounce?

By wearing a form-fitting t-shirt, you can ensure that you can flip, fall, and bounce as high as you want, without worrying about your top. Skirts or dresses are a big 'no-no' when it comes to a day of bouncing on a trampoline. Make sure when you are visiting the park that you wear something that can cover more skin.

What is Wonderball at Bounce?

Get ready to experience Wonderball, a high tech, immersive experience where you choose what to play from our selection of games. Whether you are feeling competitive and want to rally with your pals or if you want something more chilled out, Wonderball will make it night to remember.

Can you cancel a booking at Bounce?

If you want to cancel a booking at Bounce, you will need to inform us with 48-hours' notice of the reservation date. Within 48-hours of the booking, we will not be able to cancel or amend any bookings.