Beer Info FAQ

Is Sierra Nevada GMO free?

Is Sierra Nevada GMO free?

Yes. We require that all of our ingredients used for our regular production beers are Non-GMO.

Is Sierra Nevada unfiltered?

This hop-forward but light-bodied pilsner is crisp and drinkable, perfect for an afternoon on the porch or a night down at the pub. We left it unfiltered and raw to bring out its complexity and add a depth of flavor.

What is Sierra Nevada made out of?

As a traditional brewer, Sierra Nevada currently uses water, malt, hops, and yeast for every brew. We will also use malted wheat and rye, oats, various fruit and more for some of our beers.

Is Sierra Nevada beer unpasteurized?

A very large portion of Sierra Nevada brands are not pasteurized, with the exception We only (flash) pasteurize large volume barrel aged beers that are run on our production packaging equipment (pilot filler).