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Is Shiner beer kosher?

Is Shiner beer kosher?

You've probably never noticed before, but that Shiner beer you are drinking has an added bonus. It is 100 percent kosher. In the 1990s, brewery owner Carlos Alvarez made it a point to stick to that tradition and get kosher certification for their beer. "We're very conscious of what we put in there," Mauric said.

Is Blue Moon beer kosher?

Blue Moon obtained OU Kosher certification for all of its beers in 1995 and has placed the OU Kosher logo on its packaging ever since.

Is Modelo beer kosher?

Modelo Especial is certified kosher by the OK laboratories as are many other beers produced by Compania Cervcera Del Tropico S.A. de CV.

Is German beer kosher?

Brewed under the strict Bavarian purity laws with only water, hops, grain, and yeast, almost all German beer is technically kosher - fit for consumption according to Jewish law.

Is Coors Light kosher?

Coors Light is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union, as is every other beer produced by Coors.