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Is PBR owned by a Russian company?

Is PBR owned by a Russian company?

The iconic American Pabst Blue Ribbon brand will soon be owned by a Russian company under a deal to sell the Los Angeles-based brewer for an undisclosed sum. It's now being sold to Russia's Oasis Beverages and private-equity firm TSG Consumer Partners LLC.

Is Pabst still American-owned?

Believe it or not, Pabst Brewing Company is now the largest American-owned brewer. But Pabst doesn't even brew its own beer anymore. All 29 Pabst beers, from Schlitz, to Lone Star to Colt 45 to the legendary Pabst Blue Ribbon are outsourced to SAB Miller, based in South Africa.

Is Pabst made by Budweiser?

Pabst Brewing Company, a holding company headquartered in Los Angeles, California announced today that it has entered with City Brewing Company in La Crosse, Wisconsin into a 20-year contract production agreement until 2040.