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Is Natty Boh a good beer?

Is Natty Boh a good beer?

The surprise winner was Baltimore's own Natty Boh, which testers rated highest on flavor and third for refreshment. Some of the praise: "The best one -- actually tastes like beer!" "High carbonation and the most hops." "Zesty got a little more kick."

Why does Natty Boh have eye?

Many people have wondered why the Natty Boh logo only has one eye. Boh's other eye?” was “Gunther's got it.” This playful interaction with a competing brand and the fun aspect it gave to the Natty Boh logo is probably one of the many reasons that the company has been so successful to this day.

When did Natty Boh leave Baltimore?


Do they still make Natty Boh?

National Bohemian Beer, colloquially Natty Boh, is an American lager originating from Baltimore, Maryland. Nearly 90 percent of National Bohemian sales are in Baltimore. The beer is currently brewed under contract at the Molson Coors brewing facilities in Albany, GA.