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Is Molson Canadian an IPA?

Is Molson Canadian an IPA?

Molson Canadian 67 Session IPA delivers a fruity hop taste and citrus aroma to our premium light beer. It is dry hopped with Mosaic and Sorachi Ace hops to create a flavourful and refreshing taste.

Is Molson Canadian a pale ale?

Molson Canadian - American Pale Lager - Molson Coors.

Is Molson Canadian a good beer?

Canadian isn't the most popular beer in Canada, nor is any other beer brewed by Molson, nor Labatt for that matter. These beers are not the best beers, but they're better than no beer at all.

Is Molson Canadian the same as Coors?

The Molson Brewery is a Canadian brewery and beer company in Montreal formed in 1786 by the Molson family. In 2005, Molson merged with the Adolph Coors Company to become Molson Coors.