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Is Guinness alcohol-free any good?

Is Guinness alcohol-free any good?

The pour is just like the full ABV stuff, but I think it settles a bit quicker. The nose is Guinness to a tee, dark roasted grains dominating, with only minimal coffee and dark chocolate notes. The taste is roasted malt forward, hints of chocolate and coffee, with a good hit of bitterness and a background of sweetness.

Is there alcohol free Guinness?

Introducing Guinness 0.0. The latest in 250 years of innovation, Guinness 0.0 is specially brewed to retain the characteristic flavours which make Guinness Draught our most popular beer. The brewing process starts just as it always has, but with 0.0 the alcohol is gently removed through a cold filtration method.

Who Stocks Guinness alcohol-free?