Beer Info FAQ

Is dark beer more bitter?

Is dark beer more bitter?

Many light beers have a slightly bitter taste due to the hops, and in some cases, you can also taste the yeast. Light beers will also add hints of flowers or fruitiness to them. On the other hand, dark beers aim to be more intensively flavored with robust tastes and potent ingredients.

Do people like dark beer?

Light beers are very easy to drink and can be quite thirst-quenching, while dark beers are heavy and leave a strong, lingering aftertaste. The people who drink dark beer are usually the beer enthusiasts. The reason for this is because dark beers are much more complex and a lot more ingredients go into them.

Does dark beer taste like coffee?

These dark beers tend to have a slight bitterness and are rich in malt. These beer styles do not always show off their roasted qualities but have strong chocolate, nutty, and creamy coffee flavours. Some fruit flavours such as dates and figs can be present also.

Does dark beer have more alcohol?

Although many people assume that darker beers have a higher alcohol content than lighter beers, the truth is that a beer's color has nothing to do with its strength. The color of a beer depends on the type of grain it was made from, and the alcohol content is determined by the amount of grain.