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Is crabbies a beer or cider?

Is crabbies a beer or cider?

Crabbie'sTypeGinger beerDistributorHalewood International Limited (United Kingdom, Australia) Bruce Ashley Group (CAN) St. Killian (USA)Country of originScotlandIntroduced2009Alcohol by volume4.0%

Is ginger beer a cider?

Ginger ale, despite the name, is actually a non-alcoholic soft drink that's lightly flavoured with ginger. On the other hand, ginger beer is created with ginger from the beginning and can be brewed with varying levels of alcohol. Technically it's more like a cider than a beer, but we won't get into all of that.

Is crabbies ginger beer beer?

Crabbie's Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer is made from a unique recipe that has 4 secret ingredients which coupled with steeped ginger, gives Crabbie's its unique ginger taste and refreshing point of difference. Curiously spicy yet deliciously refreshing blend of real steeped ginger and exotic spices.