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Is Captain Morgan Private Stock Worth It?

Is Captain Morgan Private Stock Worth It?

If you like Captain, you'll love this private stock. It's smooth and tastes great alone or mixed to your liking. So much better than the regular stuff. A little on the pricey side but definitely worth it.

Is Captain Morgan's top stock a shelf private?

Captain Morgan Private Stock Rum is designed to work its way up to the top shelf. It is a blend of fine Puerto Rican Rums aged a minimum of two years in ex-Bourbon casks. And although the exact recipe is a secret, it is infused with a sweeter, milder bouquet of spices than what you'd find in the normal Captain Morgan.

What percent is Captain Morgan Private Stock?

CAPTAIN MORGAN® PRIVATE STOCK RUM (ABV 40%) Made from the finest mellow island spice.

How do you drink Captain Morgan Private Stock?

Captain Morgan Private Stock has such a rich smooth taste that it is best enjoyed on the rocks with a twist of lime or better yet, straight up in a snifter.