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How to Play Tipsy Ships: A Fun Drinking Game for Parties

Tipsy Ships is an exciting drinking game that is perfect for parties and game nights. It combines elements of strategy and luck, making it a thrilling and entertaining experience for players. In this article, we will provide an overview of how to play Tipsy Ships, including the rules, setup, and tips to enhance your gameplay.


Tipsy Ships is a two-player game where each player takes turns trying to sink their opponent's ships by guessing the coordinates on a grid. The game is played with shot glasses filled with your favorite beverage, adding a fun drinking element to the gameplay. The objective is to sink all of your opponent's ships before they sink yours.

Game Setup

To set up Tipsy Ships, you will need the following materials:

  • A game board with a grid of squares
  • Shot glasses filled with your preferred drink
  • Two sets of ship markers (e.g., small stickers or game pieces)
  • A pen and paper to keep track of hits and misses

Start by placing the game board in the center of the playing area. Each player should have their set of ship markers, which they will place on their side of the board. The ships can be arranged in any formation as long as they fit within the grid. Once the ships are set up, each player takes turns guessing coordinates on the opponent's grid to try and sink their ships.

Game Rules

The rules of Tipsy Ships are straightforward:

  1. Each player takes turns guessing coordinates on the opponent's grid by calling out a letter and a number (e.g., A3, B6).
  2. If the guess hits a ship, the opponent takes a drink from one of their shot glasses.
  3. If the guess misses, no drink is taken, and the player marks the miss on their own grid.
  4. The opponent must announce whether the guess was a hit or a miss.
  5. Players continue taking turns until one player sinks all of their opponent's ships.

Tips for Gameplay

To make your Tipsy Ships game even more enjoyable, consider the following tips:

  1. Strategize your guesses: Pay attention to your opponent's previous hits and misses to make educated guesses on where their ships might be located.
  2. Vary your ship placements: Change the arrangement of your ships for each game to keep your opponent guessing.
  3. Keep track of hits and misses: Use a pen and paper to mark your hits and misses, allowing you to analyze patterns and adjust your strategy.
  4. Pace yourself: Remember to drink responsibly and pace yourself throughout the game to ensure everyone has a fun and safe experience.


Tipsy Ships is a fantastic drinking game that combines strategy, luck, and a competitive spirit. With its simple rules and exciting gameplay, it is sure to be a hit at your next party or game night. Gather your friends, set up the game board, and let the battles begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Tipsy Ships be played with more than two players? A: While Tipsy Ships is traditionally played with two players, you can modify the rules to accommodate more players by dividing into teams or playing in a tournament-style format.

Q: Can I use non-alcoholic beverages for Tipsy Ships? A: Absolutely! If you prefer not to consume alcohol, you can use non-alcoholic beverages such as juice or soda in the shot glasses.

Q: Are there variations of Tipsy Ships? A: Yes, there are various versions and variations of Tipsy Ships available. Some include additional rules or twists to make the gameplay even more exciting. Feel free to explore different variations and find the one that suits your preferences.

Q: Is Tipsy Ships suitable for all ages? A: Tipsy Ships is intended for adults of legal drinking age. If playing with younger participants, it is recommended to replace the alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic alternatives.

Q: Can I create my own custom game board for Tipsy Ships? A: Absolutely! Get creative and design your own game board using materials like cardboard or poster board. Customize it to fit your preferred theme or aesthetic.

Q: Can I play Tipsy Ships without alcohol? A: Yes, you can still enjoy the game without alcohol. Simply replace the shot glasses with water or another non-alcoholic beverage.

Remember to always drink responsibly and ensure the safety and well-being of all players. Enjoy your game of Tipsy Ships and have a fantastic time with your friends!