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How strong is Ole Smoky Whiskey?

How strong is Ole Smoky Whiskey?

The weight of the liquid is remarkably heavy, but that's more likely the result of some added sugar syrup than it is from the actual alcohol content. Especially since this thing is only 60 proof, which is 30% ABV.

Is Ole Smoky Whiskey a bourbon?

Barrel-aged and true to Tennessee tradition, Ole Smoky Tennessee Whiskey delivers this straight, strong and full-bodied whiskey with a bolt of flavor and an 80 proof kick to match .Share.CategoryBourbonAlcohol/vol40%Proof80.00

What type of whiskey is Ole Smoky Whiskey?

Ole Smoky Straight Tennessee Bourbon, Ole Smoky Mango Habanero and Old Smoky Salty Caramel will roll out to bars, restaurants, and retail stores this autumn.

What is Ole Smoky Whiskey made of?