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How old is Treehouse brewery?

How old is Treehouse brewery?

Tree House Brewing Co. was founded in Brimfield, MA in 2011 by Dean Rohan, Nate Lanier, and Damien Goudreau. The three founders had begun as homebrewers, making beer in Lanier's kitchen starting around 2008.

How many barrels does treehouse produce?

In 2019, Tree House ranked second — again not including Boston Beer and Harpoon — with 43,000 barrels, while Lord Hobo Brewing Co.

Who started tree house?

The Tree House Brewing Company started with four friends—Nate Lanier, Damien Goudreau, Dean Rohan and Jonathan Weisbach—making homebrew in a rural Massachusetts barn. The four have brewed through a blizzard and a tornado.