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How much is alcohol in Copenhagen?

How much is alcohol in Copenhagen?

Drinks and Alcohol Prices in Copenhagen: Pint of standard beer in a bar: $7-$10. Pint of beer from the grocery store: $2.5. Bottle of (drinkable) wine from a grocery store: $12. Coffee: $4-$8.

Are drinks expensive in Copenhagen?

What is this? In general, expect a beer in Copenhagen to cost somewhere around €6-7 and expect to pay about the same for a glass of wine. Spirits are going to cost a bit more and if you want to have a cocktail while out and about, plan to spend about €10-15 per drink, depending on what you've ordered.

How much does beer cost in Denmark?

Beer is surprisingly cheap in Denmark. Expect to pay between 3–10 DKK for a can of good domestic beer at supermarkets and convenience stores, or more at bars and restaurants.

How much is a pint in Copenhagen in pounds?

Average prices in Copenhagen (quick reference)Average Beer Price (pint)£5.50Average Cocktail Price£9.00Average Sit down Meal (per person – casual)£20 per personAverage Coffee Price£4.00Macdonald's Meal Price£8.50Aug 30, 2018