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How much is a pint in a London pub?

How much is a pint in a London pub?

The price of a pint varies in different cities across the UK. However, generally, a pint of lager ranges from roughly £3-£6 - with an average cost of £3.86. London is of course the UK's most expensive city for a pint - with the average price ringing in at £5.33, according to Finder.

Why are London pubs so expensive?

Pubs are increasing prices due to increased wages, staff shortages and energy and supply problems.

Which is the best proper pub in London?

The 30 Best Must-Visit Pubs in LondonThe Auld Shillelagh. Pub, Irish. Ye Olde Mitre. Pub, Pub Grub, $$$ Bradley's Spanish Bar. Bar, Spanish. Cask Pub & Kitchen. Craft Ale Bar, Pub, Pub Grub, $$$ The Coach & Horses. Pub, Pub Grub, $$$ Mr Fogg's Tavern. The Churchill Arms. The French House.