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How much does compressed CO2 cost?

How much does compressed CO2 cost?

For Offsite refills, it is required that you leave your cylinder with us for approximately 1 week for us to refill it .CO2 Refill Prices.Size of CylinderExchange $Buy $5lb. CO2 Cylinder$19.99$69.9910lb. CO2 Cylinder$24.99$79.9915lb. CO2 Cylinder$29.99$89.9920lb. CO2 Cylinder$34.99$119.99 NOW ON SALE $89.99

How much is a 50 lb CO2 tank?

SpecificationsPart #DescriptionPriceCO250N50 LB CO2 Tank (Aluminum)$489.00

What is CO2 gas called?

Carbon Dioxide

What is the price of liquid CO2?

The process uses a “screw” design that compresses at a 750:1 gas:liquid ratio. Right now, the end user price of pure CO2 is about 8 cents per pound ($160 per ton).