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How much did 1903 World Series tickets cost?

How much did 1903 World Series tickets cost?

1903 - PresentYearTeam : BallparkFull Ticket1903Boston Americans: Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds$6,000.-$.6750.1904- - No World Series - -1905New York Giants: Polo Grounds$2,000.- $2,600.1905Philadelphia Athletics: Baker Bowl$2,000.- $2,700.

How much did a World Series ticket cost in 1969?

More than a quarter-million tickets got punched for the five games of the 1969 World Series, with field-level box seats at Shea going for $15, general admission for $8 and limited standing-room-only tickets for $6.

How much did a baseball ticket cost in 1990?

(real (inflation-adjusted) values are in 2002 dollars)YearTotal TV revenue(millions of $)Average ticket price1987$ 349.80$ 6.211988$ 364.10$ 6.211989$ 246.501990$ 659.30