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How Many Ounces are in a Modelo Can?

Modelo is a well-known Mexican beer brand that offers a variety of beer options to its consumers. One common question that arises among beer enthusiasts is the number of ounces in a Modelo can. In this article, we will explore the different sizes of Modelo cans and provide you with the exact number of ounces in each can size.

Overview of Modelo Can Sizes

Modelo offers its beer in various can sizes to cater to different preferences and occasions. The most commonly available can sizes for Modelo beer are:

  1. 12 oz Can: This is the standard can size for most beers, including Modelo. It is a convenient size for individual consumption and is widely available in stores and bars.

  2. 16 oz Can: Modelo also offers a larger can size of 16 ounces. This size is often referred to as a "tallboy" and provides a more substantial serving of beer.

  3. 24 oz Can: For those looking for an even larger serving, Modelo offers a 24-ounce can. This size is ideal for sharing or for those who prefer a more extended drinking experience.

Number of Ounces in a Modelo Can

To answer the question directly, the number of ounces in a Modelo can depends on the specific can size. Here is a breakdown of the ounces in each can size:

  • 12 oz Can: Contains 12 fluid ounces of Modelo beer.
  • 16 oz Can: Contains 16 fluid ounces of Modelo beer.
  • 24 oz Can: Contains 24 fluid ounces of Modelo beer.

It's important to note that these measurements refer to the liquid volume of the beer inside the can.


Knowing the number of ounces in a Modelo can is essential for understanding the serving size and planning your beer consumption. Whether you prefer the standard 12 oz can, the larger 16 oz tallboy, or the generous 24 oz can, Modelo offers a range of options to suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any other can sizes available for Modelo beer? A: While the 12 oz, 16 oz, and 24 oz cans are the most common sizes, Modelo may occasionally release limited edition or specialty cans in different sizes.

Q: Can I find Modelo beer in bottles as well? A: Yes, Modelo beer is also available in bottles, which come in various sizes, including 12 oz, 24 oz, and larger bottles for sharing.

Q: Are the ounces in a Modelo can the same for all beer flavors? A: Yes, regardless of the flavor or variant of Modelo beer, the number of ounces in the can remains the same. The difference lies in the taste and characteristics of each beer.

Q: Can I recycle Modelo cans after consumption? A: Yes, Modelo cans are typically made of aluminum, which is highly recyclable. Please ensure you dispose of the cans responsibly by recycling them in designated recycling bins.

Q: Can I purchase Modelo cans in bulk? A: Yes, many retailers offer bulk purchasing options for Modelo cans, allowing you to stock up on your favorite beer for gatherings or personal enjoyment.

Remember to always drink responsibly and enjoy Modelo beer in moderation.