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How many ounces of beer can you buy at Sheetz?

How many ounces of beer can you buy at Sheetz?

Home > Beers > Best How Much Beer Can You Buy At Sheetz? By license issued by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, a convenience retailer has been granted permission to sell malt beverages at its restaurant location. The license permits carryout sales of six-packs of 12-ounce beer. or 16-oz.

How much alcohol can I buy at once in PA?

At bottle shops and grocery stores, you can buy up to three liters of wine per transaction (the equivalent of four 750-milliliter bottles, or one box of wine, if that's your thing).

How much beer can you buy at a gas station in Pennsylvania?

Beer, hard slush, and cider may be sold by distributors, bottle shops, bars, breweries, and grocery stores. Beer bottle shops, grocery stores, convenience stores, bars, and other places can sell up to 192 ounces of beer per transaction (the equivalent of 12 cans of 16 ounces).