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How long should a reflux column be?

How long should a reflux column be?

The reflux column is the tube that runs straight up from the top of the boiler. The column is made from 2" copper tubing, is about three feet long, and has a thermometer mounted in the top cap.

How do you do a simple reflux still?

Building The Reflux Column of the StillStep 1 – Drill a 3/8 ” hole in the top of the 2″ end cap. Fit the rubber grommet and thermometer into the hole to make sure they fit.Step 2 – Place 3″ long piece of 2″ copper pipe into top of 2 x 2 x. 1 ½” tee and solder in place.Place Cap on top of 3″ copper pipe.Nov 29, 2014

Is a reflux still better?

Is it better to use a Pot Still over a Reflux Still? All stills collect alcohol from the 'wash' at varying strengths and the total amount of alcohol collected depends on how much is present in your wash. Reflux Stills collect less alcohol volume but it is much higher in strength.