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How do you recycle beer bottle tops UK?

How do you recycle beer bottle tops UK?

Recycling - Bottle tops Plastic bottle tops can be recycled in your blue bin. Metal bottle tops from screw-top wine bottles and beer bottle tops should be placed in your grey bin. At the Energy-from-Waste facility, metal items will be removed by a magnet and sent for recycling as scrap metal.

Are beer lids recyclable?

Bottle caps are recyclable, but they often get lost during the recycling process because of their small size. Put your bottle caps in a steel food can, and when it's nearly full, crimp it closed and recycle the can and its contents together.

How do you recycle beer bottle tops?

Bottle tops For steel bottle caps, such as those from beer bottles, save them up in an empty steel tin until it's half-full, then crimp the tin closed so the caps can't fall out, and off to recycling they go.

Can you leave caps on bottles for recycling UK?

Residents recycling plastic bottles can now leave the lids on – providing they squash the bottle before putting it in the recycling bag or bank.